Welcome to Riddlethon!

Fun and easy dev event to hook tech-minded newbies, A crypto-treasure hunt!

A crypto-treasure hunt!

Fun and easy dev event to hook tech-minded newbies. This covers an important part which teaches contract interaction. Participants will understand how to use API of a smart contract.

Who organizes this?

Confio, Irisnet, Regen network, Secret network, Terra


April 10th 4am CEST - 12th 4am CEST


This website and Hopin

Who can join?


How to join?

Register via google form by clicking below button. Riddles' hints will be shown on this website and be changed over time.

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Let's Riddles!

Hint You will find the hints about riddles here. This hint section will be changed during the event period. This section will contain the initial riddle clues. Riddle clues will be basic one two strings. These strings will be like: wasm1p7kjjuq0nq0l80xqwve8wmkt2zmv3v0hg9llj80000A001

 Riddles will be separated by their difficulty: easy, medium, hard So there will be 3 different tables for each riddle difficulty. One table example:

Riddle ID Clue Check
1 wasm1p7kjjuq0nq0l80xqwve8wmkt2zmv3v0hg9llj8
2 musselnet and B65AD2CFA991257B1C9C2AADD347231ABEC8E4B6F7C4FCA25920E229A3CE3108
3 0000A1 and iaa1p058d7uqjzjdrxrpyx4lvwmc7qglm5nsxqh0cl

Post Result  Post Result section will contain a basic form that participants can post reward vouchers -a basic text that proves participants solved the riddle- to us. And we will collect the results. It could be some google forms plugin if there is any.


These hints will be revealed when the event starts. It will be changed over time.


texts will be here when the event begins. All the riddles-Easy, Medium, Hard level ones and a bonus one-will be shown here!

Post Result

Claim rewards!

Hopin Mentoring

During the Riddlethon event, you can ask anything about the project of each team. Just go to the Riddlethon Hopin and join the mentoring session and shoot your questions!

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